3-D Crosswalk

Those 10 Year Olds

This is something to be proud of. We have all seen cars speeding in School Zones or speeding were there are obvious signs that notify drivers that kids might be playing on the road.  Well this Massachusetts girl (10 years old) decided enough was enough and she and her classmate’s researched ways to get Drivers to slow down and they came up with 3-D Crosswalks. They also found a way to get their City Leaders attention, pitched their idea and WON!!! 

As I sit here I am so happy to see a story like this. I love it when children learn, grow and advocate for themselves and for their Peers.  This shows me that these children trusted that their “Village” (the adults around them) would listen to them and take them seriously and boy were they right. Their project is now being tested in Kansas.

To the “Village” that believed these children. I commend you!!!!