Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling 

Individual counseling is a very freeing, nonjudgmental way for you to build the life that you want. We are relational creatures, so it is important that we are always maintaining healthy relationships with the people we choose to have in our lives.

Sometimes we encounter circumstances and make choices based on the information we have, but later we find that we need to adjust, based on the new information we have gathered. That is where counseling comes in. My job is to help facilitate the process of you looking at the information you have and making a clear honest decision of what you need to do next.

Below is a list of issues that individual counseling may help with:

 ·       anxiety, depression, and mood swings

·       bipolar disorder

·       fears and panic attacks

· self-esteem

·       abuse and trauma

·       relationship issues

·       women’s issues

·       conflict resolution and anger management

·       communication skills, assertiveness training, and decision-making

·       stress, job stress, and burnout

·        life transitions

· self-improvement