Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk Talk Therapy

There is something about nature that soothes the soul. Nature brings us back to the center. The Goal of Walk and Talk Therapy is to get you to process your thoughts and learn how to practice mindfulness. It is therapy in a non-traditional environment, so you get to ditch the couch, stretch your legs, and breathe in some fresh air.

During Walk and Talk Therapy, we will still be doing Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which is a common type of talk therapy (psychotherapy). We will work in a structured way, to help you learn skills that you can put in your mental health toolbox. CBT is versatile in that it can be combined with several other therapies and will allow you to clearly define your goals, respond appropriately, and get your desired results. The best part is that you will take those skills with you and practice them in your everyday life.

Let’s talk about the session.

Scheduling a session is similar to scheduling any session. We will talk. I will perform a brief assessment and set goals and then we will determine a place to meet. I can meet you at any local park of your choosing.

Safety: I want us to be safe, so please check with your doctor to see if you are healthy enough to walk one mile at a minimum. We are not going to be overexerting ourselves, but we will be doing some continuous walking. We will also be sitting and standing.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that are comfortable to move in. I typically wear clothes that I would be working out in.