Alabama wants to overturn Roe V Wade

Alabama Law Makers are trying to be smart…

See, Roe v Wade explicitly says that  a woman cannot be unduly or unfairly affected by the abortion laws of her State. The State Law cannot place unfair burden on the woman. So, Alabama Law makers are going to argue that their law says that the Doctor who performs the abortion will be prosecuted, but not the woman. A Woman who gets an abortion when the law is in effect will be allowed to go free. 

Ahhhh the cunning…

To add to it all, Alabama Law Makers are confident in their quest to overturn Roe v Wade, because the Supreme Court is stacked to favor the Conservative view. Brett Kavannaugh was hand picked and perfectly placed in his seat on the court for such a time as this.
Brett Kavannaugh, it is time to pay your debt. 

Frequently asked questions

When was Roe V Wade Established?

Roe v Wade was established in 1973 when it said that  State regulations on Abortions were unconstitutional. 

Has Roe v Wade ever been challenged?

Yes, this law has been challenged several times. For example, Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania v Casey 1992), Gonzalez v Carhart (2207), and Whole Women’s Health v Hellerstedt (2016)

When will the Alabama Law go into effect?

It is not clear at this time, but according to the ACLU, the Law will not go into effect for a very long time. Abortions are currently legal in the State of Alabama.

What will be the consequences of having an abortion when the law goes into effect?

Women who received an abortion will not be prosecuted, but a Doctor who performs an abortion could face up to 99 years in prison and fines. 

What are people saying so far

Good, killing a baby at any stage of pregnancy is wrong!!!

Women don’t take abortion lightly !!

Ordinary person
They are smart charging the Doctors and not prosecuting the women.

Just a Girl
Every conservative State is just waiting for the Supreme Court verdict to flow in their favor. Brett Kavannaugh, it is your time.


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