Benefits of having a Pen Pal

It helps with writing skills.

When we write so that other people can read our message we spend a little time making our writing legible. It always encourages us to put our grammar skills to good use.

It improves reading skills.

Reading other people’s writing helps us to read short passages, get an understanding and respond appropriately. This allows us to concentrate and works our brain muscles. It is even better than doing all of those crossword puzzles because you are engaging at least two of your senses.

It encourages looking at other people’s perspectives.

You and your Pen Pal will share information with each other and it will help you to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Having several perspectives on any given situation can really be a game changer.

It promotes patience because you have to wait for a response.

Patience is key in our fast-moving world. When we are patient it forces us to slow down and pause for a moment. It also allows us to anticipate something beautiful. Receiving a letter from your Pen Pal can make your day.

It supports and develops social skills.

If you are looking to improve your social skills then you can definitely practice with your Pen Pal. Writing a letter is one of the most non-threatening ways to develop a friendship.