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Thera-Postpartum Care


What is Thera-Postpartum Care?

 Thera-Postpartum Care services are tailored to help the new parent rest as much as possible so that they can recover from the birth in a timely fashion.  The Care Specialist’s priority of care Read more

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Caring for Spiritual Leaders

You have dedicated your whole life to caring for other people and fulfilling the great commission. The last words that Jesus said, was that we should go forth and make disciples. You have chosen to make that your lives Read more

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Counselor Techniques and SelfCare Network

Frequently asked questions:

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How much do my dues cost?

Dues: $100 per month

What does my membership include? 

1-1 Coaching to start your practice

Colleague for vacation check-ins with Clients

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The Courage to Heal

The Courage to Heal group is open to women looking for a support group as they go through their journey of recovery from sexual trauma. This group is an open confidential group that can help women find coping skills Read more

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Day Program

Enrollment begins July 25th 2022

Information sessions to be announced

Sometimes students experience a crisis and have to miss school, therefore, it is hard for them to integrate back into the classroom. We offer your student the opportunity to Read more

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Inquiry Hour Finances and Marriages

“I have remarried two years ago to a caring and considerate man. He moved into my home with my two kids (who are now away at college). When he arrived, he subtly let me know that he didn’t expect Read more

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Walk and Talk: All our decisions have lead to now.

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If you have experienced Trauma. This is not suited to your situation. Please know that trauma is complicated and Read more

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30 Day Wellness Challenge

Join me for the 30-day weekly challenge. This Challenge is designed to help you start the new year with mindfulness and intention.

To get started, just choose from one of the activities listed or choose your own activity. You Read more

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A gift for your brain part 2

The Holidays are here and so comes the hustle and bustle and the grief (from the loss of loved ones) the uncertainty that comes with not knowing where you will get the money to buy presents for everyone.

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