News With Compassion 2

News we can really use.

I want to hear from you and the things that are going on in your community, the successes of children and anything related to good news. Send your news to

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3-D Crosswalk

Those 10 Year Olds

This is something to be proud of. We have all seen cars speeding in School Zones or speeding were there are obvious signs that notify drivers that kids might be playing on the road.  Well Read more

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Kasahal Francis

Dear Houston

I write to you in troubling times. Children are dying at the hands of their Peers and I am not sure how we will come to turns with that, but we need to. Not only is there Read more

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News with Compassion

News With Compassion

Pray for the familes of the deadly Synagogue shooting. Remembering Lori Gilber Kaye.

The First Black Student to get a 4.5 GPA from St Thomas Prep Catholic School.

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A 9 year old got a Read more

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Fibroids and I

2019 is my decision year!!

According to my Doctors recommendations, I have two choices when it comes to resolving the issues. I can either have a Mayomectomy or a hysterectomy. 

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Ernest Final Journey

Earnest was a good friends and such a sweet guy.  I used to call him my BFG (Big Friendly Giant) and he would laugh and laugh. I will genuinely miss him. Wake Friday 4-26-19Viewing: 6:00pm-7:00pmWake: 7:00-10:00pmAddress: Read more

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All things Liberia

I am not sure how many Liberians live in America and how many live in Texas, but I know we are here and we are eternally grateful to America. I will explain Liberia’s connection to America Read more

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Captain Harris’ Daughter

Captain Harris’ Daughter


Florida Kweekeh

Captain Harris Daughter tells the story of Florida Ann Kweekeh. It tells of her family and childhood, her period of widowhood, her second marriage, her children, her professional life, (working WHO as a Read more

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Jane Doe -Allenston 1985

Date Found:Nov 10, 1985 Location: Allenstown, NH Estimated Age: 8-11 Sex: Female Race: White Hair Color: Lt Brown Eye color unknown Estimated Height 4’3″ to 4’6″ Weight: 65lbs to 85lbs On November 10, 1985 an unidentified child was found Read more
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