Consultation is actually an ethical requirement that is especially necessary if you have an ethical dilemma.

No one wants to face ethical challenges in their practice, but you can be sure you have someone to run your ideas and questions through.

Don't go through ethical dilemmas by yourself.  You can reach out to me, your supervisor, a colleague you went to grad school with, or and most definitely the company you use to purchase your liability insurance.  

Core Values

• justice, or treating individuals equitably and fostering fairness and equality;
 • fidelity, or honoring commitments and keeping promises, including fulfilling one’s responsibilities of trust in professional relationships; and 
• veracity, or dealing truthfully with individuals with whom counselors come into professional contact

Core Values 

• autonomy, or fostering the right to control the direction of one’s life; 
• nonmaleficence, or avoiding actions that cause harm; 
• beneficence, or working for the good of the individual and society by promoting mental health and well-being; •