It’s Graduation Season

Show off your Graduate

There is nothing better than walking across the stage and it doesn’t matter when you do it, just do it!!!

Congratulations Chloe


Congratulations Diamond!!!


Stephanie and Philip McGowan Congratulations!!!

The McGowans

Congratulations Marie


Homeless Teen

These are the stories that warm your heart. Tupac Mosley became homeless when his Father died. He slept in Tent Cities and got the help of non-Profits all the while maintaining a 4.3 GPA.
Hats off to you…. Tupac has earned $3 Million Schoolarships

ABC 13

You can’t beat Grit

Autherine Lucy Foster

Was ousted out of the University of Alabama back in 1956 due to riots on campus. Some did not like the fact that she was Black. Well she beat the odd and now has her degree 63 years later. 

Listen to Ms. Foster

Esther Okade

This 10 year old Math Genius will be getting her Bachelors Degree at the age of 14 years old. 

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Christopher Holliday

Christopher has defied the stereotype. He got a perfect score on his ACT!!!

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