Kasahal Francis

Dear Houston

I write to you in troubling times. Children are dying at the hands of their Peers and I am not sure how we will come to turns with that, but we need to. Not only is there a Family grieving in our City, but they are grieving because  of something that could have been so easily been prevented. I have seen children get angry and try to attack each other, that is not new. Anger is a natural emotion that we all feel. It is actually known as a secondary emotion. Meaning, there are underlying reasons for the expressions we see as anger.

On Thursday April 18th 2019 Kashala Francis was attacked by students in her Middle School and she passed away today 4-24-19. From all reports Kashala’s Middle school has had trouble with Students fighting in the past, but there seems to be solution to the problem. Kashala is a victim of a problem that everyone including Parents are well aware of. So what is the solution? Let’s have a real conversation about what we need to do to make sure that children go to school to learn, grow and thrive.

First and Simultaneously: The School needs to identify the students that are showing bullying, violent and or dangerous behavior. (I can guarantee they already know most of them). The School also needs to create a new discipline program that focuses on improving behavior and personality development.

Second: Identified students should not be allowed back to school until their parents show proof that they are seeking Mental Health services. (There are free mental health services available for child in Harris County). The School needs to adopt this as a Policy for any student that shows rude and violent behavior. The student will not be allowed back in school until they can show that they are getting Counseling or some form of professional behavior modification.

Third: The School needs to implement new rules for dismissal that ensures that students are not left on their own and to their own devices.

Fourth: The School needs to call an assembly with all of their Families and explain the new plan and how it will be implemented.

Fifth: Families of the identified children should be refereed to school Social Workers, so that they can support their children as they go through Counseling and Behavior Modification.

Rest in Peace  Kashala Francis