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I am not sure how many Liberians live in America and how many live in Texas, but I know we are here and we are eternally grateful to America. I will explain Liberia’s connection to America in more detail in another video, but Liberia is one of the Counties that Freed Slaves went to when they left the United States after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed 1863.
Liberians were resettled in America during the 10+ years Civil war and we have contributed to America ever since. We celebrate Liberia’s Independence Day every year, and renew our goals to help the Country improve Educate, Health Care and Infrastructure.

These videos show pictures taken by Vivian Ward. Thank you Vivian.
Congratulations to the Graduates of 2019!!!

Women need justice in Liberia

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A Poem by a Frustrated Liberian

For those wishing for supporters and their family to be in Liberia for the protest and for negative outcomes of the protest:

Know Better do Better

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The President of LAGH Mr. Henry Kechula Congratulations

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