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Southwestern Texas Synod

The Southwestern Texas Synod is collecting funds and items to help our Neighbors who cross the Border safely. They are partnered with Eagle Pass Ministries to provide food, clothing, shelter, meals and more to Families who are at their deepest time of need. 

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Chris Tomlin-Is he Worthy

I love the imagery in this song. .

500,000 Kids could lose their school lunch.

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Play-Based Kindergarten

I fully agree with State Rep. Victoria Sullivan, R-Manchester, children can learn while they play. Can you imagin the potential!!!! It all just has to be done in the right and proper way. Go Manchester!!!

Kenny Chesney signed his first record deal 26 year ago!!!

Kenny Chesney is one of my favorite Country Music singers. Sing on!!!!

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There are six women running for President!!!

This is absolutely historic and exciting. There are six women running for President and they are all worth their salt!!!!

Wayfair employees protest, they do not want their furniture going to Detention Centers

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The Police need your help finding the mother of a sweet baby Girl .

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Liberia Exports Cassava to China

This is such good news for Liberia. The Economy will only thrive if Liberia starts to export more than it imports. 

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Cambodian Childrens Fund saves a life!!

NGO’s save so many lives in 3rd world countries. Here is another beautiful story of a young girl who thought she would pick through trash for as long she was alive. 

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Stop Bullying license Plate Contest

I was bullied when I was in school and it still affects me to this day. So anything that helps stop bullying is something I will support. 

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10 year old climbs El Captain

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Parkland Students honor Therapy Dogs in Year book.

Therapy Dogs

Sydney Wilson is going to College at 14 years old!!!

Sydney Wilson

Rabbi Goldstien’s emotional recounting of deadly synagouge attack.

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Alexander B. Cummings, standard bearer of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) on April 24, 2019, dedicated the Friends of Naatehn (FON) pure mineral water factory in Gbarma Statutory District, Gbarpolu County, Western Liberia.

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A new Missouri retirement home of sorts gives homeless senior dogs that don’t get adopted from shelters a place to romp and roam.

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Check out Princess Charlotte’s new Pictures she is 4 years old

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