There is Hope

There is hope. Our local leaders have stepped up to the plate and they are doing the best that they can until they start getting Federal support. The evidence for our leaders putting lives before money lies in the fact they have canceled events that would have given cities millions in revenue. Please look at your local city website to see all of the events that have been canceled.

My heart goes out to all of the people who would have earned their daily living at the events that have been canceled, like the vendors at the Houston Rodeo, the Vendors at NBA games and NHL games, local restaurants, and hotels, etc. All of the businesses that benefit when games and conferences are in town have been drastically affected.

However, prevention is better than cure. I have tried to listen to allot the experts and they disagree on some things, but they all agree that our local Hospitals will not be able to handle a huge influx of people coming in sick because of the virus.

We can not overwhelm our Healthcare system and we can not over whelm our grocery stores. Let’s all listen to our local leaders and stay home. Let’s shop for two weeks worth of food and leave some food on the shelves for our neighbors, and let’s take this time to spend time with family.