We can all have Health Insurance

We can all seriously have affordable Health Insurance

From one human to another, lets push to get this done!!!

Countries with Universal health care

There is currently no one definition for Universal Health Care, but there are some Countries that have tried it, click on the button to see the list. 


There is already a Blue-print

We can have a Private pay system and a Universal System all at the same time. We already have a blue-print for it. The major Health Insurance Companies already get money from the Government to pay for insurance for people with Disabilities. The only thing I would add to this is that  I don’t believe that  insurance should be free unless you have a Disability and you are unable to work.  

Other thoughts and ideas

Everyone should be able to afford Health Care!!

Illegal Immigrants and Health Care

Again, I believe that everyone should have access to Health Care. If someone is in the Country illegally, but they can afford the cost of the local insurance they should be able to purchase it and get Health Care. Their status of being illegal in the Country, should not mean that they should die of a preventable disease. Immigration needs to do their job and catch people that are illegal and give them due process. There are many people living illegally in this country who work and pay taxes. 

Immigration due process and Health care are two separate systems.